Subtitles in 360° videos

ImAc has innovated solutions for the authoring, encoding and playback of subtitles in 360 degree content. Find out more here.

Audio Description in 360° videos

Find out what we’ve done to audio describe 360 degree videos while keeping the immersion.

User Testing

ImAc uses an evidenced-based set of requirements generated from user testing and will be evaluating the project based on further user testing. Find out more about the methodology and testing schedule.

Platform Architecture

More information about ImAc’s end-to-end access service publishing tools.

Policy Paper: Born Accessible

An exploration of EU policies relating to accessibility in broadcasting and the importance of projects being ‘born accessible’.

Accessibility of 360 degree video players

A review of the accessibility of players capable of showing 360 degree content.

ImAc White Paper

Recommendations for immersive accessibility services.