Object-based cloud renderer

The OBA cloud renderer is a web service hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services) in a serverless architecture. It merges audio productions – no matter if channel-based or object-based – with AD objects and renders into various output formats.

To keep the requirements on the client device (player on the end-user side) low, the cloud renderer in a single rendering job produces all requested audio output formats as defined in the request call. The cloud renderer is triggered via a dedicated web API, listening for an HTTP PUT request, containing a JSON body with the required invocation data.

Main features

  • On-demand cloud service with specific AD features
  • One of the main parts of an object-based audio production
  • Adds audio description objects to channel-based or object-based audio productions 
  • Dips the main audio when AD is active – the level of dipping can be controlled via the API
  • Automatically creates a range of mixing variations for personalized AD volume in the mix
  • Renders into various channel-based output formats; currently stereo, binaural audio and First Order Ambisonics are supported.
Conceptual overview of object-based audio production and consumption

OBA comes with a set of features that can improve accessibility. When audio description is kept as a separate audio object, it can be freely positioned in the scene and its parameters can easily be changed, for instance the AD gain.