Eddie (object-based audio editor)

Eddie is an object-based audio (OBA) editor with a graphical user interface. It can be embedded in an OBA production workflow in order to add metadata to audio objects. Eddie connects to any digital audio workstation (DAW) and controls the scene rendering by sending metadata and control commands via TCP/IP to a renderer instance.
Eddie was developed as a lab tool for internal usage.

Main features

  • Create and author object-based audio scenes
  • Modify metadata of any audio object, like 3D position or gain
  • Synchronization with digital audio workstation (DAW) via MTC (Midi Time Code) or MMC (Midi Machine Control)
  • Graphical user interface with live preview of the 3D scene
  • Export scene as Audio Definition Model (ADM) file
  • Control external renderer instances via TCP/IP
Eddie interface synchronized with a DAW

OBA comes with a set of features that can improve accessibility. When audio description is kept as a separate audio object, it can be freely positioned in the scene and its parameters can easily be changed, for instance the AD gain.