Web ST Editor

Web ST Editor is an ImAc tool for the production of subtitle (ST) files to be used as access services on immersive programmes with 360º video

Main features

  • Web based and responsive design for universal access
  • Cross-platform and cross-browser
  • Multi-language interface
  • Embedded 360º video player
  • Integrated with ImAc ACM. Receives the LQ 360º video and data from the broadcaster. Receives and returns the access service file
  • Works with different digital video codecs, formats and frame rates
  • Character to distinguish the subtitles of each speaker highly configurable and easy to switch between them. Up to three characters for a single subtitle
  • Position of subtitles in regions of the FoV
  • IMSC profile subtitle file
  • Import and export from/to most standard ST formats
  • Navigate through the Field of View (FoV) via angles
  • Button to assign an angle for the subtitle of the speaker in the 360º sphere
  • Copy the angle of one subtitle to another
  • Define a subtitle with no angle when there is no visible speaker (i.e. voice over)
  • Preview on computer screen with automatic panning or using Head Mounted Display (HMD)
  1. File general information box
  2. Link to a dialogue of a hyper-personalised user setting
  3. Character and region settings
  4. List of default shortcuts destined to most used operations and configuration
  5. Classic video navigation buttons
  6. Video soundwave in time accompanied by subtitles characters symbolised in colours.
  7. Navigation buttons for FoV (Field of View) in spherical space
  8. Video preview window displaying the current subtitle and its angle in spherical space
  9. Subtitle edition area for text, time codes, character, region, angle in 360º sphere, graphical aids and testing.
  10. Navigation through subtitles.
  11. Subtitle list with time codes for quick review
  12. General actions such as save, preview modes, script import, TC shifting, TC check, etc.

You can also request a demo to try the tools for yourself!