Web SL Editor

Web SL Editor is an ImAc tool for the production of sign language (SL) files to be used as access services on immersive programmes with 360º video.

Main features

  • Web based and responsive design for universal access
  • Cross-platform and cross-browser
  • Multi-language interface
  • Embedded 360º video player
  • Integrated with ImAc ACM. Receives the LQ 360º video and data from the broadcaster. Receives and returns the access service file
  • Works with different digital video codecs, formats and frame rates
  • Uses the webcam of your choice to record video segments
  • During the recording uses full screen for main video and with subtitles for deaf or hard of hearing sign interpreters
  • SL videos and sign language segments (metadata such as name of speaker and angle) are stored in a single compressed file allowing a better exchange between platforms
  • Navigate through the Field of View (FoV) via angles
  • Button to assign the angle of the FoV where the speaker is located in the 360º sphere
  • Copying and pasting angles between segments
  • Possibility of setting a SL segment with no angle in case there is no present speaker (Voice Over)
  • Two working interfaces: classic view and compact view

  1. File general information box
  2. Link to a dialogue of a hyper-personalized user setting and character setting. Also switch between classic and compact views
  3. List of default shortcuts destined to most used operations and configuration
  4. Classic video navigation buttons
  5. Navigation buttons for FoV (Field of View) in spherical space
  6. Main and SL video preview window with the current SL segment’s position in spherical space
  7. SL segment edition area for time codes, character and angle in the 360º sphere. Navigation through SL segments.
  8. Main video soundwave in time accompanied by SL segments symbolized in colours. In the upper side the recorded or imported SL videos by the signer in purple
  9. SL video actions: recording, importing, playing, removing, moving in time
  10. List of subtitles with their time codes, usually more useful for deaf signers
  11. Classic actions such as save, auto save, preview modes, etc.
  12. Compact view interface

You can also request a demo to try the tools for yourself!