• Use of web based components:
    • Universal (cross platform, cross browser and cross network) support
    • No need for installations updates at the client side
    • Built on top of dash.js, the reference player for Moving Picture Experts Group (Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP) standard
  • Supported media formats:
    • Codec agnostic (browser capable codecs)
    • Traditional 2D video and 360 º video (in both Equirectangular and CubeMap projections)
    • Traditional 2D audio (including uncompressed WAV) and 3D spatial audio (First and Higher Order Ambisonics)
    • DASH streaming
    • Internet Media Subtitles and Captions (IMSC) subtitle file format. It is a profile of Timed Text Markup Language (standardised by W3C).
  • Supported consumption devices (and interaction modalities):
    • PC and laptops
      • Use of mouse and keyboard for navigation and interaction
    • Mobile devices (e.g tablets, smartphones)
      • Use of touch screen, gyroscope and physical buttons for navigation and interaction
    • VR devices (e.g. Head Mounted Devices, HMD)
      • Use of HMD buttons, movement trackers and controllers for navigation and interaction


  • Landing page for:
    • (1) Language selection
    • (2) Personalised service settings
    • (3) Search and filter
    • (4) Catalogue of videos, indicating the available access services and languages
    • (5) Video selection


  • User Interface:
    • Responsive design
    • Adapted to VR environments
    • (1) Visual feedback on the execution of commands
    • (2) Enlargement features
    • (3) Preview feature
    • (4) Universal icons for accessibility [=] [=] [o] [··]
    • (5) General and Access Services Settings
    • Open menu by looking down, by performing a click, or via voice control

  • Personalised Presentation of Access Services (see D3.5 and factsheet for details):
    • Subtitles
    • Audio Subtitles
    • Audio Description
    • Sign Language
  • Assistive Technologies:
    • Guiding Methods to indicate where the target speaker/action is in the 360º area
      • Arrows
      • Radar
      • Spatial audio
      • Auto positioning mode (in test versions)
    • Zoom and Magnification Features
    • Voice control
      • Voice Recognition
      • Spoken feedback
  • Embedding
    • The portal can be replicated, and the player can be embedded in third-party websites and apps.
  • Multi-Screen Support
    • HbbTV scenarios
    • Web-based scenarios

Demo Video

More info: Deliverable 3.5 Player, player factsheet

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