ACM (Accessibility Content Manager)    

ACM is an ImAc tool for managing the production workflow and cataloguing of access service for immersive media in a secured and controlled manner.

Main features

  • Centralized management and processing system for access services such as subtitles, audio description and sign language for 360º media
  • Secure user access and based on profile permissions
  • Web based and responsive interfaces for universal user access
  • Multi-language interface
  • Automatic processes in the background such as LQ video import to a new asset, video transcoding or audio mixing
  • Interconnection with other systems and ImAc components such as publication and access service editors
  • Management of access service production workflow and cataloguing:
    • Assign the production of access service files to producers (usually an external service provider or professional)
    • Send a Low Quality 360 video file to the producer so they can carry out the access service production
    • Receive the access service files from the producers and verifying that they are correct for broadcasting or publication
    • Feedback to the producers when corrections are required
    • Catalogue the verified files for when they are required by the 360 programmes for broadcasting or publication
  • Import and export of the main standard access service file formats both for classic 2D media and for 360º media
  1. ACM Content Management interface with search bar at the top
  2. ACM folders for hierarchical cataloguing
  3. List of assets in grid view
  4. Buttons for asset operations such as: copy, move, remove, link, new, import, views.
  5. Asset card which contains the LQ video, access service files (in various languages) and metadata of the 360º programme
  6. One of the forms displayed when opening an asset card. There are 5 different forms: the first is for general metadata, the second is for LQ video with its metadata, the third is for media files belonging to asset such as poster, thumbnail, images and video trailer. Next one belongs to subtitles files with their metadata such as the assigned producer (subtitler), the fifth is for audio description files with their metadata such as the assigned producer (audio describer), and the last one is for sign language files with their metadata such as the assigned producer (sign interpreter)
  7. Buttons for access service file actions such as delete, add, copy to a new language, import, upload and download
  8. Metadata of the access service file: general info, assigned producers and status (pending, in progress, completed, rejected, verified)
  9. A preview of the contents of the selected access service file (subtitles, audio description segments or sign language segments)
  10. Buttons to change between ACM interfaces (for various stakeholders and profiles) such as System Management, Content Management, Editor and Publication interfaces

You can also request a demo to try the tools for yourself!