Born Accessible policy paper now available.

ImAc is one of the projects behind “Born Accessible” Policy Paper written by Pilar Orero for the Accessibility Day at the European Parliament 2020. The event was going to take place on 17th March but has been rescheduled for next Autumn.

The Policy Paper identifies and examines the EU policies which relate to accessing ICT media content, specifically for broadcast. It comes in response to funding dedicated by the EU to issues of research and training for Media Accessibility. This paper works in the direction of the Digital Single Market aim of `empowering and including every citizen, strengthening the potential of every business and meeting global challenges with our core values. ́ Given the fact that Europe is united in diversity of cultures, languages and citizens, media accessibility is indeed a powerful arm towards achieving this inclusive Digital Europe. This policy framework aims at setting out measures beyond `raising awareness’ to align efforts at European, national and regional level. In partnership between the private and the public sector, the aim is to mobilise resources to achieve an ecosystem of excellence along the entire value chain. It proposes to depart from research and innovation, and to create the right incentives to accelerate the adoption of solutions for integrating accessibility as a prerequisite in all public procurement, including funding, research and innovation ICT calls.

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