ImAc platform installed for Corporació Valenciana de Mitjans de Comunicació (CVMC) and Televisión Autonómica de Aragón (TVAA)

Anglatecnic has installed in April the ImAc platform for two broadcasters: Corporació Valenciana de Mitjans de Comunicació (CVMC) and Televisión Autonómica de Aragón (TVAA).

The agreement between these two broadcasters and several ImAc partners consists of a trial service of the ImAc platform during the year 2020, with training and support.

The ImAc platform consists of an end-to-end solution for 360º video access services (from production to playback) and with backward compatibility with traditional media. The ImAc platform consists of 3 main blocks.

The first block used by the broadcasters and access service producers is the production suite with:

  • Accessibility Content Manger (ACM) with an access service content library and for access service production workflow management. The ACM is totally integrated with the ImAc access service web editors and performs all the background processes that are required during the production workflow.
  • Web ST Editor to produce 360º subtitles mainly for deaf and hard of hearing people but also for other uses.
  • Web AD Editor to produce 360º audio descriptions for blind and visually impaired people.
  • Web SL Editor to produce 360º sign language with navigation facilities for deaf and hard of hearing people.

The second block is used for the publication of the 360º video with the access services:

  • ImAc Packaging and Publication

And the third block is for the 360º video consumer, with:

  • ImAc Player for watching 360º videos with access services, using either traditional consumption devices or Head Mounted Displays (VR headsets). The player also includes accessibility features for people with sight loss, like magnification, an enlarged menu with high contrast, and the ability to receive voice commands from smart assistants.

The first step after the installation has been the collaboration with the Universitat d’Alacant for a course in May, where 360º access service production will be part of the training using the ImAc platform. In this case they will use the platforms installed for both CVMC and TVAA and their 360º videos with the idea of publishing them back with those 360º access services that comply with the quality requirements.

This is the beginning of real use cases of the ImAc platform with the aim of making 360º videos accessible for everybody.

By Enric Torres Feixas (Anglatecnic)

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Televisión Autonómica de Aragón
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Corporació Valenciana de Mitjans de Comunicació

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