ImAc at the Barcelona Sc13nc3 Fest 2019

Image of a poster for Science Fest with three people with their tongues out

Image of a poster for Science Fest with three people with their tongues out

Every year Barcelona organizes an event with science, technology, knowledge and culture. This year marks the thirteenth annual Science Festival, which was on the 26th and 27th October. It offers people around 200 activities in 24 venues to find out about the research conducted in Barcelona and its area of influence.

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The activities allow people to explore a variety of scientific research topics and some of them do so within the framework of three famous figures and events that have transformed society: the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s death, 150 years since Dmitri Mendeléiev published the periodic table of chemical elements and 50 years since mankind reached the Moon.

This year the festival is for people of all ages, from boys and girls under 6, to teenagers, families and adults with a new area of workshops and demonstrations for people aged 16 and up. At the event professionals from more than 150 organizations will tell you about their research and discoveries they’ve made through formats like games, the visual arts and shows where science and technology often come together.

The Thirteenth Science festival is increasing its commitment to digital content and reducing the event’s environmental impact. You can find the full activity programme on this website, which you can also access using the QR codes on the signage. There will also be an information point and support staff to answer any questions in the Moll de la Fusta.


UAB organized a demo called “If you couldn’t see” where the ImAc project was presented by Pilar Orero.

A poster of events in tent 7: Live more, live better

Image of a seating area at the event with Live more, live better tent on a sign above a tent around some wooden chairs people are sitting on watching something on a stage.

A photo of Pilar Orero presenting ImAc in the Live better live more tent

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