Catalan Focus Group for immersive subtitles and sign Language – CCMA

The ImAc project follows a user centric approach and regular feedback is an integral part of the development process in this project. The initial focus groups organised as part of work package 1 aimed to understand the needs of end users in relation to accessibility services in immersive media. This was done in collaboration with working groups that included both end users and professionals working on the production and distribution of accessibility features.

The first working group hosted by the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), focused on audio-description of immersive contents.

The second working group coordinated and managed by the CCMA in collaboration with the ACAPPS, AICE, Badalona ‘Llar del Sord’ Deaf entity, UAB and Anglatècnic explored the implementation of subtitling and sign Language.

The session began with the screening of some examples of immersive contents of the popular television show “Polònia”, produced by the CCMA. It introduced the discussion on accessibility through subtitling and sign language in immersive environments. A total of fourteen users participated and proposed ways to implement accessibility in 360 immersive contents. Among the participant group comprised deaf senators, sign language users, users with and without cochlear implants and also the industry – accessible content production, and management and distribution professionals.

The session allowed the group to observe the diversity of opinions on how to consume accessibility services on TV and how to improve this consumption. In short, the group agreed that when accessing audio-visual content with other people, users do not want subtitles to be consumed on a second screen but on the same screen as the other users and subtitles should always appear in a fixed position in relation to the users’ field of view. Suggestions from the professional participants focussed primarily on the positioning of the subtitling and tools needed to produce accessibility features. 


By Francesc Mas Peinado

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