ImAc progress is presented in the UN agency ITU (International Communication Union)

Immersive Acccessibility European project was presented at the UN agency ITU IRG-AVA Meeting (Intersector Rapporteur Group Audiovisual Media Accessibility) which studies topics related to audiovisual media accessibility and aims at developing draft Recommendations for “Access Systems” that can be used for all media delivery systems, including broadcast, cable, Internet, and IPTV.

In this meeting Francesc Mas from CCMA and Pilar Orero from UAB  provided an update on the player development and the system architecture, as a follow up and evolution of the two previous meetings that took place in October 2017 when the project had just started, and the follow up in February 2018 when the end-to-end system was presented.

The IRG-AVA group also addresses matters contributing to the coordination of the standardization work of the involved ITU-T and ITU-R groups and collaborates with other SDOs and other audiovisual media organizations (e.g., forums and consortia, research institutes and academia).

The UN agency ITU (International Communication Union) has several study groups and joint groups dedicated to audiovisual accessibility. ITU works to increase access to information and communication technologies (ICTs) for persons with disabilities: by raising awareness of their right to access telecommunications/ICTs; mainstreaming accessibility in the development of international telecommunications/ICT standards; and providing education and training on key accessibility issues.  The ITU Secretariat offers an advocacy platform with global reach ( ITU and Accessibility). In addition, the Secretariat oversees the accessibility work undertaken across ITU’s three Sectors, thereby ensuring the efficient coordination of activities carried out in the spheres of development (ITU-D and Accessibility), radiocommunication ( ITU-R and Accessibility), and standardization.

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