Anglatecnic finalises in November the first phase of the ImAc platform tools for accessibility content production

The ImAc platform embraces the 360° / VR media, the user requirements (the ImAc project follows a bottom-up approach via a user-centric methodology) and the TTML-based format, but without losing its backward compatibility and interconnection with existing systems. This is important in order to have an effective and smooth introduction of new technologies into the market and therefore having a viable commercial solution that can be widely deployed for the accessibility services in immersive technologies.

The tools of the ImAc platform used during the production of accessibility contents for 360º / VR media are:

  • Management interfaces used to provide the media for the production (for instance low resolution video) and catalogue the outcome received from the production (subtitle, audio description and sign language files), among other workflow managements.
  • Editors used to produce the accessibility contents.

In order to have a universal access and a centralized management, the tools that have been developed by Anglatecnic during this phase are web based with the following interfaces:

  • System Management interface (SM) is used for the system administration and user access.
  • Content Management interface (CM) centralizes the management of all contents, both for production and distribution. In addition, it is used to assign production jobs to subtitlers, audio descriptors and signers. The cataloguing of content is done using Assets, which correspond to a piece of video (program, show, etc.).
  • Editor interface (ED) is the interface used by subtitlers, audio describers and signers to access their works.
  • Web ST Editor is the tool to create / edit the subtitles for the 360º / VR media. Here all subtitles are produced, including advanced information for style and position of the subtitles.
  • Web AD Editor is the tool to create / edit the audio description segments for the 360º/VR media. The same interface is used for both producing the script and recording the corresponding audios.
  • Web SL Editor is the tool to create / edit sign language segments for 360º / VR media. Once a signer video has been recorded, the user can split it into segments and then each segment is adapted and placed in the timeline of the main video.


These tools of the ImAc platform are used to produce content for the project’s pilots. In any case new professional features will be added during the second phase of the ImAc project to have professional tools that allow a successful deployment of accessibility services for immersive technologies.


By Enric Torres Feixas (Anglatècnic)

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