ImAc Workshops at the Media4All Conference 2019

From 17th-19th June 2019, ImAc Partners will be attending the 8th Media for All International Conference at the Stockholm University and will host two workshops on how immersive environments like 360-degree videos can be made accessible for people with sight and hearing loss.


Workshop 1: Audio Description in Immersive Environments:

The ImAc project aims to understand how visual aspects of 360-degree content can be transformed into audio description and audio subtitles for visually impaired people. The workshop will discuss how this is being explored and examine each possibility with feedback from our various focus groups. It’s also an excellent opportunity to try out the new audio description editor we generated as part of the project, which will be available at the workstation.


For more information about this workshop click here:


Workshop 2: Subtitling in Immersive Environments:

In this workshop we will discuss the challenges of making virtual reality and 360-degree content more accessible with subtitles and provide possible solutions the ImAc project has explored. With these solutions the ImAc project intends to redevelop how subtitles are used in these environments to maximise the comprehension and user experience.


For more information about this workshop click here:

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