ImAc Pilot: Transmedia Catalonia (UAB) and APANAH to collaborate for user testing

The research group Transmedia Catalonia (UAB), part of the ImAc consortium, signed a collaboration agreement last Thursday, 27th February with APANAH, an association from Alicante based in Elda for deaf people and their families. APANAH is a non-profit association, whose main goal is the educational, professional and social integration of deaf people through oral communication.

The collaboration will begin with the participation of APANAH members in the experiments of the European project Immersive Accessibility (ImAc) in which the members of Transmedia Catalonia are currently working. The aim of ImAc is to integrate accessibility services, such as subtitling for deaf and hard-of-hearing, audio description or sign language interpretation, in immersive environments. New technologies such as virtual reality are increasingly present in our society and it is necessary to provide the means for everyone to access this type of content. Transmedia Catalonia researchers have been working side by side with the ImAc team for a year to develop accessible subtitles. Now, the next step is to test these subtitles with potential users to collect their opinions and be able to keep improving the services until we develop a solution that can be applied to this type of content in the future. The researcher Belén Agulló will be in charge of carrying out this research thanks to the support from ImAc consortium and APANAH.

Moment of the signing of the agreement between Transmedia Catalonia (UAB) and APANAH.

In the words of the main researcher of the research group, Anna Matamala, “research in accessibility has a scientific motivation, but obviously it would not make sense if we did not have the participation of potential users of the accessibility services”. That is why this kind of collaboration is so important and both Transmedia Catalonia representing ImAc and APANAH members say that they are very excited and eager to work to improve accessibility now and in the future.

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